Insanity is a frame of mind.Insanity is a frame of mind.

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That’s all folks

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Puscifer – Green Valley

Hello stranger, Can you tell us where you’ve been? More importantly, How ever did you come to be here? Though a stranger, You can rest here for a while. But save your energy, Your journey here is far from over. Come the sunrise, We’ll descend through Judgement Valley And weigh your worth Before her majesty, […]

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I found Love, once. Found it, then lost it Then found it again. I found Love, Once. In all the unknown places, In all those well known faces. I found love, Once. I found Love, once. Found it in such deep sorrow, Found it and I was hollow. I found Love, once. In all those […]

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Opel – Syd Barrett

“On a distant shore, miles from land stands the ebony totem in ebony sand a dream in a mist of gray… on a far distant shore… The pebble that stood alone and driftwood lies half buried warm shallow waters sweep shells so the cockles shine… A bare winding carcass, stark shimmers as flies scoop up […]

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Manchester Orchestra: Virgin

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Happy Holidays! – Neil Gaiman’s Dark Christmas Poem

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Sometimes …

You made me think of you. Think about the good times, Think about the bad. Think about the moments I never thought were memories … before. You made me think of you. Think about the cold outside, Think about the cold inside. Think about the the sun as it hits … your eyes. You made […]

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My mind is empty, my thoughts run wild. No one to hear me, no one to tell. The days grow longer, the nights fall apart. Not even shadows linger, no way to start. The end is near now, the tower bell rings. No place to run to, no birds shall sing. O love, my lovely, […]

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Airtel Broadband: Windows slaves?!

SO there I was, hating my dataone connection for its recent spate of bad service and low bandwidth and thinking of changing the connection. The only real alternative here in India (apart from local dsl providers – cut cable no internets!) is Airtel broadband. Now I wasn’t looking for a Rs. 300 internet connection to […]

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