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Things that make you go “huh”?!!

The Chinese haha song … and my response to that is simply:

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Drowning Eyes

I see what you show through your eyes, I see the words unsaid. I see the unborn questions raised, The thoughts that came and fled. O love, my love, I see it all, I see it my own way. ‘Cause ’till you saw me off tonight, I saw what you just said. Blind, I fall […]

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To Soar (Too Sore) …

Lend me your wings, bird, and I will fly on. The world has moved on, leaving me memories and feelings that I cannot account for. A childhood that I can remember like it was someone else’s life, A deliberate, grinding life that eats me up at the core. Lend me your wings, bird, and I […]

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Religion and Atheism

It annoys me that the burden of proof is on us. It should be: you came up with the idea. Why do you believe it? – Ricky Gervais on being an atheist.

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The Rise and Fall of Permanent Fixtures.

Maybe its age creeping up on me as I move on to the wrong side of the 20s (Thanks Neeti!) but there are things from my childhood that I used to take for granted and/ or ignore that I see less and less of nowadays. What were permament fixtures in the landscape of the India […]

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Reservations, politics and another return to blogging.

The months and weeks of the political circus that is the Indian election season is finally coming to a close. What should be a dignified process of selecting able bodied leaders to run and uplift the country has, as always, turned into a display of exactly why close to 50% of the nation does not […]

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Hey, it made ME laugh!

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DMC: Pearl Jam – You Are

Lyrics: This broken wheel is coming undone And the road’s exploding But you’re keeping me strong Rolling along with you,… Love is a tower And you’re the key Leading me higher When you let me in Keeping us close,… so close On down the line Sometimes I burn like a dot on the sun With […]

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I thought that I should remember something that I wanted to write about and later realized that I did not remember what I thought I wanted to remember to write about. I remember now that there was something that I needed to remember to ensure that I remembered that I write about something but now […]

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Kilmer on Poetry

“Poetry is a very subjective and intimate expression. It’s literally your heartbeat. Your rhythm. The song of your soul. It’s superconcentrated. It’s a dense piece of yourself.”

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