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Pixar short films collection… Interesting!

Pixar is releasing a DVD with a lot of their short films on it. This collection includes shorts like Luxo Junior, which is the first computer animated short nominated for an Academy Award and Knick Knack – a story about a snowman in a snow globe who wants to join two knick knacks from a […]

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I saw this really nice website that maps people (in America) with the kind of breakfast they would have :). I am going to try an annoying and terrible hack and put the site in an iframe … Let me know how much you hate me for this AND what u think of the site […]

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Book a bus online in India – is an amazing service available online! I discovered it just a few days back and was amazed that this is not as popular as it should be! redbus basically lets you book your seat in a bus with a few basic options. The site lets you choose the type of bus you want, the […]

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Arthur Desmond

Some slay with sword and some with sword. Some have no battle plan, Some stab with venom’s subtle word, Each does the best he can, And each man gets what he can win- Great wealth, great love, or fame; The conqueror gets his just reward, The conquered gets his shame, The weak ones wear a […]

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