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Announcing Linuxophile!

Just wanted to make a quick and happy announcement that my new site: Linuxophile is ready and up now. I shall be constantly updating all Linux related news, tips and other cool stuff out there from now on, although I probably won’t be able to resist the temptation of posting a couple of them out […]

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Use a screensaver as a Desktop Wallpaper!

Don’t believe me? Prashanth Ellina tells you how! Here are the instructions available on his website: To stop Nautilus for drawing the desktop by default: gconftool-2 –type bool –set /apps/nautilus/preferences/show_desktop false Get the xscreensaver (matrix in this case) to draw itself on the desktop /usr/lib/xscreensaver/glmatrix -root You can also get the animation working everytime u […]

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Install Microsoft fonts in Linux.

I know. The first reaction is probably – Hwhy?? Well, a lot of sites seem to have been designed with Windoze!! in mind so .. a lot of them look better with the microsoft fonts … sounds logical right? cool! I am running Ubuntu Dapper on my system here, so use the app manager that […]

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