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House Of Cards

Saw the video for “House of Cards” from Radiohead’s latest album today and its really cool!! . The video is made without any cameras – only lasers and data. There was a post on the google blog on that and its pretty darn interesting, if you are into that sort of thing. Check it out.

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Metalocalypse rocks!!!!

Dethklok!! dethklok! dethklok!!! Metalocalypse is an excellent animated series from Adult Swim that chronicles the ravages and musical shenanigans of the ultra-uber-metal-death-sick death metal band ever – Dethklok!!!! which comprises of band members: Singer: Nathan Explosion, Drummer: Pickles, Lead: Skwisgaar Skwigelf Bassist: William Murderface, Guitars: Toki Wartooth Metalocalypse takes you through the band making an […]

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Laziness and blogging.

Yes, I haven’t been updating this space for some time now. Yes, I have been lazy. It has been one of those spells of boredom interspersed with procrastination that cause me to deviate from my set routines and purpose in life and thus, I don’t blog. There has been a lot that I should have […]

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Now as most of you may know, I am more of a rock/ metal person, but after a long long time, I re-heard Public Enemy’s “It Takes A Nation of Millions to Keep Me Down”. This album is absolutely amazing! Now I admit that I actually went and heard PE only after I had first […]

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Radiohead! New Album! In Rainbows!

If the title of the post didn’t help you understand how excited I am, here is a little more you can read Radiohead have announced the release of their latest album entitled In Rainbows. This is their seventh full length album to date. The band has also decided that they will offer the album in […]

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Dirty Frank!

One of my all-time favorite bands playing what is one of my favorite “fun” songs Reminds me of a time when RHCP didn’t suck, and that Pearl Jam rocks on and on and forever…. Lyrics:Eats meat… eats meat… look out… Dirty Frank Dahmer, he’s a gourmet cook… Got a recipe for famous ankle soup. Wanted […]

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Death cab for Cuties – Soul meets Mind

This is not the kind of song that I usually listen to, but maybe its just the mood I am in or something clicked … So anyway, here go the lyrics: Soul Meets Mind – Death cab for Cuties I want to live where soul meets body And let the sun wrap its arms around […]

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Black Sabbath – Planet Caravan

Planet Caravan – Pantera (Black Sabbath Cover). One of my favorite sabbath songs! This is an amazing cover of the original. Serious Trip! Which one do you like more?

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Revolver – Isobel campbell and Mark Lanegan

Lyrics:Now after all, don’t feel like nothing like walking away like a mouth full of rain at twelve o clock the bell starts ringing a dog starts barking and you’re still missing still missing something you’ve never known what it was and I’m not one for thinking twice but I know this much is true […]

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