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The Rise and Fall of Permanent Fixtures.

Maybe its age creeping up on me as I move on to the wrong side of the 20s (Thanks Neeti!) but there are things from my childhood that I used to take for granted and/ or ignore that I see less and less of nowadays. What were permament fixtures in the landscape of the India […]

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Reservations, politics and another return to blogging.

The months and weeks of the political circus that is the Indian election season is finally coming to a close. What should be a dignified process of selecting able bodied leaders to run and uplift the country has, as always, turned into a display of exactly why close to 50% of the nation does not […]

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Omar Abdullah’s Speech in the parliament 2008.

This was one of the very few excellent, passionate and real speeches I have seen in the parliament. Omar Abdullah’s speech about Kashmir and all the unnecessary constraints being placed on kashmir in the guise of the Amarnath yatra. This is one of the best speeches I have seen in the Indian Parliament. For those […]

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Top Reasons For Not Blogging Regulary.

I am un-interesting. Everything that I want to blog about, I forget. I am losing my memory I am being choosy about what I write. I am losing my memory … did I already write that?

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Reality is the essence of horror. What scares you more: the concept of a strange, glob-like monster that might eat you up or the fact that there is a human someone who can destroy everyone and everything you love and not even blink an eye? What is it that makes the thought of such normal […]

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Got Tagged!

So I got tagged by Bharat a few days ago. This event was brought to my notice today thanks to the new wordpress dashboard (which rocks, btw!). This set a chain of events in motion which included me wondering what the hell a tag is and how one responds to a tag, since my only […]

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Vicious Circle …

We are who we are because of what we do We do what we do because of who we are How do you judge people?

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