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Working with Dad!

I finally went ahead and did it. Worked with my dad. He is a trainer (leadership, teamwork, etc.) and had a rather large and important client who needed a team building workshop. Told me to help him with the whole thing and I did, and let me tell you it was awesome! Working with your […]

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Hmmm …

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Two Billionth photo on Flickr!

This, I believe, is the two billionth photograph uploaded on Flickr …

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In Rainbows! – Reviewed! Reheard! Love it!

When I wrote the last post about the release of In Rainbows by Radiohead, I expected to maybe able to listen to it sometime in the next month or so. But thanks to my girlfriend (who gets mad respect for life!!) I am now going to get the discbox in December AND I got the […]

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R.I.P. Robert Jordan…

Robert Jordan, eminent author in the fantasy world, passed away on 16th September at 2:45. Jordan was diagnosed with Amyloidosis and finally succumbed to the disease after a year and a half struggle. His last words were to tell his wife Harriet that he loved her. For those who do not know, Robert Jordan is […]

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A Trip to Remember (Pune)

I thought that I will write in a lot of detail about everything that I did and everything that I saw. But I realize now (after writing more than a couple of pages) that it is hard to describe in detail what and how I felt after this trip. It is hard to describe the sheer joy of spending a lot of time walking in the rain, […]

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Firing up this thang.

Yo! This is one of those first post things. Just wanted to tell ppl that since I am transferring my content from blogspot to this site, the order of the posts have changed and so have the comments  have been left behind … The original blog still remains and I will try to keep that […]

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