Innocence and Reality.Innocence and Reality.

Innocence and Reality.

Everytime there is an election coming close, people get killed. Everytime there is an issue to protest over, people get killed. Everytime people get killed, they were innocent of anything that concerned the issue.

Why is it that the only casualities in a fight against oppression or for rights or values, the people who are killed are people are not the ones who were the cause of this disparity or oppression? Does the rebellious mass think that killing innocent people will reduce the voting populace and thereby reduce the chances of their opposers to get back in power? Does killing these innocent people – children who haven’t even learnt to think yet, animals who don’t know what is going on, old people who can barely fend for themselves; does killing these people help change the circumstances which caused this anger?


More disgruntled humans out for revenge. Another sect, another group, another war!
If there is to ever be change, the change has to be from within. Change the circumstances by changing your attitudes towards malice and wrong. Do not be mute spectators and shrug shoulders when those shoulders can be used to drive forward change.

There is no “US” in this fight for change. There is only an I.
I will drive the change
I will hold out
I will be steadfast
I will be all
I will, I can, I am.
I am change. I am reality. I am me.

I’m gonna break
I’m gonna break my
I’m gonna break my rusty cage and run
- Rusty cage: Soundgarden (BadMotorFinger- 1991)

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