Laziness and blogging.Laziness and blogging.

Laziness and blogging.

Yes, I haven’t been updating this space for some time now. Yes, I have been lazy. It has been one of those spells of boredom interspersed with procrastination that cause me to deviate from my set routines and purpose in life and thus, I don’t blog. There has been a lot that I should have blogged about: my trip to a lovely coastal town called Murud-Janjira, the nice people I met there, the ridiculous bus “service” that is Jabbar Travels, reviewing a movie called Taaren Zameen Par (Stars on the Earth (sic.)), reviewing an amazing restaurant called Little Italy, etc., etc.

I don’t promise to cover all of these in the coming weeks but I am going to try.

What I want to tell you is that I am listening to an amazing band called Gorguts! If you are even slightly into extreme music and don’t mind a little growl-scream with your music, take a listen to Gorguts to listen to some of the most amazing riffs, tempo changes and out and out musical brilliance that is Gorguts (try the Obscura Album!).

Till the next post then!

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  1. Posted January 23, 2008 at 3:55 am | Permalink

    Welcome back !! :-P

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