Where the hell is cellphone civility?Where the hell is cellphone civility?

Where the hell is cellphone civility?

People seemed to have forgotten how to be civil on a mobile phone! When someone gives u a call that you are unable to take, the civil thing to do is to reply to the person who tried to reach you by calling or messaging back. Right? Wrong! Apparently, people decide not to reply to messages or calls because it is not important to reply to something that needs to be acted upon ASAP!!!!

The same goes for messages … I mean, come on. How hard is it to type a damn message? They even have the cute word replacement text and emoticons! ! Seriously, is it that hard to reply to someone when they reply to your every call and message??

I for one am going to instill my three chance wack rule on this as well!

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    If you find it so tough to reply back, you can get a motorokr like me. they have a neat stylus and touch screen

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